About us
„We aim to build trust and long lasting relationships.”

We believe that success of cooperation on our field depends on understanding the needs of our clients, ensuring that they are clearly communicated and understood throughout our organisation and implemented in actions.
Whether carrying out work for a small or medium size company, or for one of the Energy giants, we aim to build trust and long lasting relationships through our professionalism and dedication.

Janusz Kalina
Chairman of the Board


Maximum efficiency

Maximum efficiency O&M is carried out by specialized technicians, skilled and experienced by our EPC in-house capabilities which brings quality and value to the O&M service and gives us a considerable competitive advantage.
With our highly flexible and customized O&M service solutions from training or advisory to full power plant O&M, ROVA is partnering to achieve your desired business objectives and guarantee that your solar plant will operate at its optimum capacity.


Personnel and Technical Resources

Our team consists of highly qualified staff with all the necessary training and qualifications related to the supervision and operation of PV in Poland.
We operate with our own technical personnel of more than 70 people, of whom 20 are engineering staff. We are an authorized service partner for one of the largest suppliers of inverters.

ROVA Group

In numbers

Sites in Poland

Our mission is to optimize the long term performance and reliability of your PV Plant.

Offer complexity and guarantee

Health and Safety Policy

In ROVA safety always comes first.
We have an excellent team of experts and homologated – professional equipment.
HSE Health and Safety Management Manual (HSE-MM) in ROVA is to ensure a safe working environment for all staff and PV site.
The HSE-MM provides ROVA with the requirements, guidelines, specifications and characteristics that are required to ensure that services are optimised. Throughout our organisation, we also understand the importance of working with local community members, dignitaries and the authorities at all levels, to ensure that our clients are valued and respected entities operating in accordance with highest standards and applicable regulations.

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